I feel like a jog

Today I walked a total of three miles from my home to the park and back. I wanted to jog to the park and back just like in the day; however, my body reminded me it was a different day. What I learned on this walk is that sometimes our bodies remind us to slow… Continue reading I feel like a jog

When apologies go wrong

When apologies go wrong A while ago, I visited a church I previously attended regularly, and one of the parishioners walked up to me to apologize. Here is how her apology went: I noticed when you come to church you avoid me, she said. She continued to say; I want to see Jesus. If there… Continue reading When apologies go wrong


Can We Have a Do-Over? How often have you looked at the state of our world and wished for something better? How many times a day have you reflected on your experiences and longed for the peace. Have you yearned for innocence, and the tranquility of your childhood? I want to walk you through an… Continue reading Rebirth

American Theatre

At the borders of American culture, the vast lands of opportunity appear bright and filled with promise for anyone who dares to challenge the gauntlet of obstacles to secure entry. From a distance, the theories of welcoming the poor huddled masses seeking some sort of refuge for their tortured souls project themselves through the facade… Continue reading American Theatre

America the Theatre, on Fire

Three students from Ole Miss University posed in the dead of night in front of the bullet-riddled Emmett Till Memorial. Their bodies holding the guns cast eerie shadows on the backdrop of the Emmett Till Memorial. The source of the lighting and identity of the photographer/s remain a mystery. As they posed on Centre Stage… Continue reading America the Theatre, on Fire

Who is Accountable?

For the record, we raised our children in Lebanon, IL. Our home was a place of refuge and gathering for many of the neighborhood children from the local high school and village. We are Christians and believe in opening our hearts and home to those in need, whether physical, psychosocial or just a listening ear;… Continue reading Who is Accountable?