Wrong person: Do not forward

Wrong recipient? Maybe So, you received that awkward email. Here are some possible scenarios and followup actions: An email you received might be an honest mistake with no significant information, harmless.a. Delete 2. Sensitive but not intended for you.a. Deleteb. Contact the sender to alert him/her know that you were inadvertently copied on an email… Continue reading Wrong person: Do not forward

In-Basket Exercise

The In-basket Exercise. Leveraging the three Ds Have you ever felt overwhelmed on your first day on the job? Did your manager log you into the computer and told you to go through all the unprocessed emails of your predecessor, then asked you to provide a summary of the most important correspondence in a couple… Continue reading In-Basket Exercise

How Tribalism Influences Inter-organizational Effectiveness

Many scholars of tribalism suggested that when tribes(teams) sounded the battle cries, these factions were simply at war with each other and the impacts to the country(organization) were secondary to the trauma experienced between the tribes. However, I would posit, that tribes locked in a tug of war of wills were not pulling against each… Continue reading How Tribalism Influences Inter-organizational Effectiveness

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