The Little Things Matter

“Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things.”

Frank A. Clark

Crane beach

Frank makes a great observation in this quote. How easy it is to aspire to greatness and forget that something seemingly small to just one person might mean the difference in a significant way to that person. For example, I once watched a Tyler Perry movie with a character who was a homeless female janitor struggling to feed her daughter and herself while working in this conglomerate. Hardly anyone noticed her; however, her paths crossed with the owner of the company, a wealthy but personally miserable man. Because of her simple unassuming probing to get him to question his life, he was able to reflect on his own life and values and seek a world of happiness. He could have ignored her and listened to the advice of world-class councilors and life coaches to help him figure out what he already knew, that he was unhappy and neglected the simpler things in life.

Today, I reflected on a few simple things in Barbados, like bananas growing on a tree naturally. Pigeon peas, papaya, and limes in their natural settings. Beautiful foliage, including the hibiscus and the noisy little frogs, a rhythmic form of music. These simple sights and sounds remind me of simpler times, less tension in the world, and respect for each other. If it were possible to change anything in life today, it would be, remember to stop and enjoy the simple things. Tomorrow will arrive way too soon.

Stan Brooks, PhD

By Stan Brooks, PhD

Dr. S. MacNivan Brooks is an Intergroup Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author.

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